Welcome to our blog


Some of you may have hit the ‘blog’ tab here on our website previously and discovered that there were no articles. That’s now going to change as we start featuring regular blog posts.


What can you expect to see coming over the next few months? We will be introducing the Medusa salon teams to you all; now we know you are already familiar with your own salon team and have met some of the other salons’ staff,  but we want you to become familiar with all of us.


We will be posting lots of information about the services and products we offer, from balayage to smoothing treatments, shampoo to styling products, if we provide the service or the product in our salons we will give you some more details about them. It is very important to us that you get the very best information about the professional products we use and recommend, that’s why we will be adding some ‘technical’ information to give you a better understanding of our preferred ranges.


News and views… the teams are always involved in activities outside of their day to day hairdressing and this blog is the ideal platform to share their adventures on. From Colin’s bike riding challenges to team parties, hairdressing competitions the teams enter, photo shoots the creative team create. If we believe you would enjoy reading about them, they will be posted here.


Of course we also want to share your stories, so if you have something specific relating to your visit to any of our 5 salons we would love to post them as well. If you have your hair cut off to donate to the Little Princess Trust, if you are getting married and we have looked after your hair leading up to the special day, if you just want to say thanks to your medusa stylist or assistant, we want to share these special moments.


Our blog will be the place to go to find out lots of Medusa related information but don’t forget you can also find us on our NEW Facebook page @medusaedinburghInstagram @medusahairdressing and Twitter @medusahairedin.


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