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Peter's been working at medusa for three years, after deciding he wanted to push himself more within the hairdressing industry (in which he's been working for over seven years). After only one year at medusa, he successfully auditioned for the Wella generation now styling team, and then spent much of the following year touring the UK at various events and shows. In both 2015 and 2016, he made it through to the Wella trendvision UK finals and was placed in the top 5 in 2016 - a fantastic achievement given the intense competition from across the UK. One of peter's  new Submerged collection of hairstyles was recently featured on the front cover of Top Hair International (basically, hair-porn for stylists), and he has a lot of experience in photo shoots and stage work.

He's achieved incredible success for his creative styling and cutting, but also loves classic cutting and creating the perfect set of highlights for each person. He attributes this success to his absolute focus on continually learning, practicing and analysing hair styles in order to improve his abilities at each step.





AMA (ask me anything)



Q: "If I could turn back time,…." ?

Well by 2017 I'll definitely would have found a way....


Q: "The last time I found myself naked outside, i…." ?

Well as a naturist I find myself naked most days.. walking about town,doing my shopping.. loving life!!


Q: "If I wasn't a hairdresser, I'd be…"

A location specialist


Q: Favourite computer game ?

Definitely crash bandicoot


Q: Colour that makes you happiest ?

 Dark black, medium black, light black,

(Boss: you do realise you sound a little bit like the Batman character in the Lego movie)


Q: Why should a new client  book you and not the skinny bitch with the perfect face on the other profile page ?

Because she's not as pretty as me.. all the bitches better watch because I'm

changing the world one haircut at a time!!


So there we have it - Peter in a nutshell:  talented, brilliant, creative, and out to prove that he can outbitch the world


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