Here's a few looks  to get you thinking....firstly some fashion shots from recent medusa collections, followed by a pinterest board stuffed full of totally random things that make us go - wow!!!! huh???, nooooo...!, and MMMMMmmmmm.  We've put a strong focus on hair (obviously), so hopefully it'll give you some ideas. We'd genuinely love to hear what you're thinking about your new hairstyle. Pop into the salon any time for a chat about what styles you think would work best for you, you don't need to wait until the day you're getting your hair cut  (Clue: they  definitely don't all work for all hair types in case you've never had a really really bad hairstyle before, so getting some feedback and ideas beforehand is likely to help you get the best hair style possible!). Bring along any pics or links you've come along that are giving you inspiration for your next haircut. Knowing the direction in which you want to take your hair is incredibly useful for us and makes our life a lot easier, but we also equally love it when you just  step in and say "i want a change" and you're all geared up for a totally new makeover that is right for you. Either way, it's always about communication (kinda like most things in life i guess).


PS The pinterest board is populated by the truly wonderful kirsty at Bread St (....thank you, kirsteeee!!!)

We've a lot more pinterest boards to see here (as does kirsty)