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At medusa, we offer professional apprenticeships for people starting out in their career, as well as offering genuine career progression opportunities for qualified stylists. We know there are other companies out there offering similar rewards but we think we're different - in the way we teach, the way we encourage you, the way we develop your skills, and in our ethos of working as a closely knit family helping one another at all times.

As with most things in life, it isn't always about the destination -  the journey itself and the people you travel with are just as important. Whether you're a school leaver or an experienced stylist, we want you to get the very best out of your experience with medusa from day one, until the day you eventually decide to move on.



Work at Medusa

We are immensely proud of every member of the medusa team and their achievements, recognised in the local, national and international awards won by our salons. Every stylist at medusa is talented, but crucially, they are able to recognise that creating fantastic hair is only part of the equation, and that being able to get on with everyone and not take ourselves too seriously, helps create a more positive environment for all.


We also recognise that we are fortunate in being trusted to help create new visual identities for people (or as we say in the business, we cut hair), and we try to put something back into our communities. Every year, we hold a series of charity events in the salons, and every member of the team gets involved - contributing our time, passion and fun to  charity events in the city and other related good causes further afield (including Colin ,the owner, who is part of the Wella Unicef Making Waves program, helping vulnerable young people in emerging countries).


Advancement at Medusa is rapid if you have the right skills, attitude and personality, and we will help you all the way in providing the best training,  support, opportunities and, crucially, encouragement to accelerate your progression. We are continually looking for great new employees at all levels.


If you've got the right expertise and think you'd fit in, we'd love to hear from you. Send your email (in confidence) to


Rachael (Stylist)

I knew from the moment i wanted to be a hairdresser that i wanted the very best training i could find. My family have some connections in the hairdressing world and the Medusa brand had been mentioned positively for their training, hair skills, cool company vibe and great opportunities. But, you’re never 100% sure until you find these things out for yourself, so I asked around a bit more, and visited a couple of the salons before I finally made up my mind and applied. It was quite a tough interview process, but I think this helped to make up my mind even more, as I got to know them better, and I also think they were able to know what kind of a person I was, so I think it worked both ways.

Thankfully, they liked me and offered me a position in the Grassmarket salon.

The salon team have really opened up my eyes to the creative side of hairdressing, and it’s a very supportive atmosphere – I feel they’re genuinely wanting me to be the very best I can, and doing all they can to help, which has really helped boost my confidence and my skills. I regularly train with other assistants from all the shops, and we all have different things we’re good at and new things to learn, so we all help one another, it’s always a friendly vibe at the training days.

I’m still in the early days of my career so I have yet to define my journey, but I do know Medusa will do everything they can to support me in whichever aspects of styling I want to focus. It’s obvious this is very definitely a career, not just a job.





As an already qualified hairdresser, there comes a time when you realise that sometimes you have to move company in order to progress as a hairdresser. It’s not an easy decision as you already have close friendships with staff in your current salon, but if you’re serious about progressing, you have to make sure you’re in an environment which is going to challenge you and give you new opportunities, but also help and mentor you when you’re needing to learn new stuff. I think I made the right choice in joining medusa.

After only one year, I was selected and mentored to audition for the Wella generation now styling team, and following my successful audition, I then spent much of the following year touring the UK at various events and shows working with some of the most influential hairdressers in the business. In both 2015 and 2016, I made it through to the Wella trendvision UK finals and was placed in the top 5 in 2016, something I’m really proud of. I’ve also had a chance to develop further my experience in avant-garde styles both at work (eg LFW, LFWM,...), and outside of work (eg my Submerged collection was featured on the cover of Top Hair magazine).

In 2016, I also had the opportunity to assist Colin the boss at the photo shoot for the British Hairdressing award (he was a Scottish finalist), working with John Rawson - a legend in the photography hairdressing world.

At medusa, there’s a a good atmosphere, we all know one another well, and there’s a good positive buzz in the place, …you’re never listening to a clock tick above the silence. I think if you’ve got a genuine passion for creative hairdressing and you’re not a diva, then medusa is a great place to be.

UPDATE: Peter now has his own salon at Medusa Raeburn Place.



I started training with medusa when I was 16. After 2 years, I qualified at the age of 18,then went on to doing my model cuts and have now worked my way up to a creative director.

Hairdressing did not come naturally to me and took a lot of work to get me where I am today, it takes a lot of practice to get it just right – the details really do matter. And while I always thought I got on well with people, I know I’ve got infinitely better in dealing with people who I’ve never met before, and getting them to feel at ease with me and confident in my abilities.

Still to this day there are areas I would like to develop in, and for this coming year, I’ve already worked out a development plan for myself with colin – you never stop learning in this job.

Now after 14 years I am part of the management team,somewhere I never thought I would get to but from starting of at 16 and now being 30 I matured a lot and became not only passionate about hairdressing but passionate about medusa.I consider myself a very loyal and trustworthy person and Im guessing colin does too otherwise I would not be in the position I am in today.

I have been involved in photoshoots in the past but realised this is not for me. Some people love that type of atmosphere, but for me personally, I like to be committed to the salon, my team and my clients and I didn’t feel like I could do both.

Over the years I have made many friends with clients and people I have worked with, and who will continue being friends for life.


Colin (Medusa Owner)

I genuinely love my job - obviously, i have my bad days like everyone else, but i also know that I meet a lot of great people on a daily basis, I feel proud of my skills as a hairdresser and what i've achieved, but more than anything, i feel unbelievably proud of what my team achieve, and how they develop in their careers, both within and beyond medusa. And I'm not just saying that, by the way.

I started like everyone else, learning the trade right from square one. I'll be honest, it's been really hard work at times, but it's also been unbelievable: i've made some fantastic friends,  been to glam places and events where I would never have pictured myself when I was at school; hairdressing has genuinely changed my life and the person I am for the better.

And it really is a job where you get out what you put in, and anyone who joins medusa knows the opportunities are waiting for you if you put in the right effort. I can't emphasise that enough to anyone who is thinking of joining medusa.



"Ross and I created Medusa Training because we were so frustrated with what was happening in the market,... with lots of salons desperately searching for new staff with the right skills and attitude but failing to find the right people...., and lots of young people looking for jobs in the beauty industry but failing to get their feet on the ladder because they weren't up to the task without a lot of investment in time and money by the salons.

In an ideal world each salon would train their own staff over a period of years , but that rarely happens nowadays as so many salons have cuts their overheads to the bare minimum to be more competitive. For that reason, we created Medusa training, with the goal of creating career-ready professionals "

Colin McAndrew, Owner Medusa Hair and Co-founder Medusa Training


As a regulated SVQ provider of hairdressing education, Medusa Training is entirely built around a practical apprenticeship-style program, backed by both industry and government, and focuses on building real skills that enable you to rapidly gain work as stylists in a fantastic, fun and growing industry. With opportunities available in our city-centre Edinburgh studios as well as at our Falkirk site, you will be taught by the Medusa Training team, an 18 strong-team of leading stylists, salon managers, and salon owners who can educate and train you in every aspect of the hair industry.


"...We make no excuses that it will be hard work at times, and some people I hate to say - will not make the cut, ...but for those who keep their eye on the ball and put in the effort to get the best results, then they really will stand out from the crowd and they'll be able to take advantage of all the opportunities that are out there"

Ross Miller, Owner Renella and Co-founder Medusa Training


trainees receiving tuition from colin mcandrew at medusa hair edinburgh
hair demo by colin mcandrew to medusa trainees
trainee at medusa hair
trainees receiving tuition from colin mcandrew at medusa hair edinburgh
hair demo by colin mcandrew to medusa trainees
trainee at medusa hair
trainees receiving tuition from colin mcandrew at medusa hair edinburgh
hair demo by colin mcandrew to medusa trainees
trainee at medusa hair